Enter your Waste amounts and click the Calculate button at the bottom of this page. You do not have to enter data in every field, only the ones you want to measure your carbon footprint on.



Total Waste kgs 0
Kitchen/Food Waste kgs
Garden Waste kgs
Paper kgs
Cardboard kgs
Plastics kgs
Glass kgs
Metals kgs
Other kgs
Waste to Landfill kgs 0
Waste Recycled kgs 0
Paper %
Cardboard %
Plastics %
Glass %
Metals %
Waste Composted kgs 0
Kitchen/Food Waste composted %
Garden Waste composted %


The summary sheet records the findings of each area measured; you should complete the full sheet before going to the summary sheet to get a sense of your overall carbon footprint.

Click here to clear your totals (same as clicking the Waste menu option above).

Estimates of Waste are:
  1. Full wheely bin = 60kg
  2. Half wheely bin = 30kg
  3. Quarter wheely bin = 15kg

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