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Date: Tuesday, November 05, 2013 - Time: 10:57:18 AM

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Please note that this calculator has been designed to give you a good sense of your carbon footprint but it still excludes an accurate recording of the carbon generated to produce and transport products you purchase beyond what is recorded here. Your share of the carbon generated from the full supply chain would need to be included to provide a fully ACCURATE carbon footprint. There are as yet no user-friendly carbon calculators able to provide an accurate calculation based on the full supply chain.

Relative measurements for the summary sheet:

Please note that country per capita CO2e footprints include industrial emissions. Per capita footprints excluding industrial emissions would be significantly lower.

Some comparisons of per capita carbon footprints globally:

• South Africa per capita footprint: 9 tons CO2e

• UK & Northern Ireland: 10.6

• America: 23.5

• Mexico: 6.1

• Australia: 26.9

• Italy: 9.7

• Cameroon: 0.4

• United Arab Emirates: 38.8

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