What We Do

Project 90's action and engagement is supported by seven pillars.

Board of Governors

Act as stewards & guide Project 90 towards its vision.

Operations & Finances

Ensure Project 90 and its programmes operate efficiently.

Specialist Advisors

Offer diverse insight and expertise to add value to Project 90's work.

Community Partnership Programme

Co-creating vibrant & sustainable communities - focusing on energy, water, justice and enterprise development.

Communicating Change Programme

Create tools to inform, support & inspire people in changing the way they live and engage with the environment.

Policy & Research Programme

Influence policy & decision makers and empower citizens in South Africa, towards affordable access to renewable energy & efficient use of natural resources.

Young Leaders Programme

Discover & nurture young South Africans to become environment-conscious leaders and decision makers.

Enquiries can be addressed to our Operations manager via our Contact page.

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