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Challenging South Africans to take greater climate action

CLIMATE CHALLENGE '09 - 'Cut Carbon - Dare to Change' from ecobuzz on Vimeo.

In the lead-up to the international Copenhagen climate negotiations in December 2009 best bitcoin casinos , Project 90 by 2030 collaborated with Robert Zipplies (editor of Bending the Curve) to raise awareness about climate change and to encourage South Africans to take greater action. The 3000 km Challenge began in Cape Town on 6 November and ended in Durban on 5 December.

In December 2009, the world’s 200 or so nations gathered in Copenhagen to negotiate and agree on a comprehensive climate change deal. Growing evidence, based on actual observations and ongoing research into the greenhouse effect, indicates that the reduction targets currently on the table will almost certainly commit us to failure. We have no choice but to significantly ramp up our carbon reduction initiatives as individuals, and we need to call on South African businesses and government to set in motion an ambitious development pathway that adequately meets the requirements of climate science.

This is a time for all of us to rise to this challenge. What is required is nothing short of a massive transformation of our infrastructure, our habits, our involvement as citizens and our values.

Embodying the spirit of ‘Cut Carbon - Dare to Change?well-known sustainability expert and editor of Bending the Curve, Robert Zipplies, in partnership with Project 90 by 2030, undertook an epic 3000 km journey on an electric bicycle by cycling from Cape Town to Durban via Johannesburg and Pretoria. The objective of the Climate Challenge 2009 was to raise awareness and to challenge South Africans to reduce their personal carbon emissions, create a low-carbon society, and adapt to the unavoidable climatic changes that we have already started to experience. Robert gave public presentations in 12 cities. He and the team left Cape Town on 6 November and completed the Challenge in Durban on 5 December, two days before Copenhagen climate negotiations began.

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