Climate Challenge 2010

Climate Challenge 2009 completed successfully!

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  Launch of section 1 of Office Toolkit for cutting carbon!
Go to 'Toolkits' section under 'Resources' to download the Booklet!
Project 90 team   Launch of our 2010 Climate Challenge!
Project 90 by 2030 is collaborating with 9 national partner organisations to raise awareness of the need to change the way we live, think and relate to the environment in South Africa.
  Cape Town to start selling 'green electricity'
  Launching our Carbon footprint calculator
Figure out where you can make the most effective change and cut carbon
The Renewable Energy Feed-in Tariff
  COP 15, Copenhagen, December 2009
Regular updates on global efforts to achieve a Climate justice deal at COP 15
  Book review: The Vanishing face of Gaia - final warning
Peter Willis reviews the most recent James Lovelock book
  Climate and Energy related events
Forthcoming events in 2009
  Feed in Tariff
Guidelines announced
  Global and local Climate policy news
Updates related to national and international policy
  News archives
January 26th, 2009. New targets to be announced for renewable energy supply later this year.
Cut Carbon Tips for Trevor, January 2009

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