Energy efficiency

Gary Fahy investigates energy efficiency options for us and produces monthly articles on his findings here. We also post other great Energy efficiency options we bump into here.

Air conditioners
Gary Fahy article 3- air conditioners.doc
So you already have an airconditioner - ideas for efficient use.
Does it help to switch your geyser off and on every day?
Gary Fahy 5 2010.pdf
Some food for thought.
Energy efficiency - driving
Energy efficient driving - carbon facts about cars.pdf
Some carbon facts about cars that you should know
Energy saving in the home 12
Solar Water Heater Building Instructions.doc
How to build your own Solar Water Heater
Energy savings in the home 13
BiogasPro Product Datasheet Small size.pdf
Introducing a new Biogas digester
Gary Fahy 2009 issue 08
Gary Fahy article 2 - household heaters.doc
Household heaters
Gary Fahy 2009 issue 11
Gary Fahy November 2009 article.pdf
Wind or Solar?
Gary Fahy 2010 issue 01
Gary Fahy 1 2010.pdf
Energy Vampires
Gary Fahy 2010 issue 02
Gary Fahy 2010 issue 2.doc
Biogas digesters
Gary Fahy 2010 issue 04
Gary Fahy 2010 issue 4.pdf
Electricity monitors
Gary Fahy 2010 issue 06
Gary Fahy 6 2010 -Transport.pdf
Motorised transport - what are your options if you want to wean yourself off oil
Gary Fahy 2010 issue 07
Gary Fahy 7 2010.pdf
Informal public transport options - part II of weaning yourself off oil
Gary Fahy 2010 issue 08
Gary Fahy 8 2010.pdf
What really goes on inside a coal power station?
Gary Fahy 2010 issue 9
Gary Fahy 2010 issue 9.pdf
Gary dispels the myths around energy saving lightbulbs (CFLs)
Have you seen a landfill lately?
Gary Fahy 2010 issue 10.pdf
Landfills - up close and personal
Ideas for saving energy in your home or school
Ideas for saving energy in your home or school.doc
No cost, low cost and high cost saving options
Saving water
Gary Fahy article 1 - water saving showerhead.doc
Fit a water-saving showerhead
So many choices - which solar water heating system is best?
Gary Fahy 2010 Issue 3.doc
Domestic solar water heating - some tips as you identify what will suit your needs best.


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