Community Partnership Programme

Marianhill (St Josephs and Amandus Hill Villages)

In 2011, 50 very poor households in two rural off-grid villages in the Marianhill area were fitted with solar home lighting kits.

In 2012/3, we have continued work with the small village of Amandus Hill, which comprises approximately 20 households. The village is perched along the side of a steep hill, and enclosed on all sides by commercial tree plantations.

The solar home systems have been upgraded to include 12V adapters for small appliances and cell-phone charging. Additional homes built since the first implementation will also be supplied with these systems.

Water is a major concern for the people of Amandus Hill. The only potable water is trucked-in weekly by the local municipality and deliverd to a 5000 litre Jojo tank at the top of the village. This is insufficient to cover all basic needs. A borehole with a hand-pump exists at the bottom of the village which Project 90 investigated as part of a plan to solar-pump water up to the village where it would be purified and made more easily accessible. Feasibility studies have revealed that the borehole is technically classified as ‘dry’, with insufficient yield for this purpose.

Discussions with the local municipality of Richmond have resulted in an agreement to double the water supply. Project 90 has supplied an additional tank for this purpose, and the municipality will continue to deliver the water by truck to the village.

In May 2013, a practical action training workshop took place at which the community and a team of Project 90 staff  members made rocket stoves, a DIY solar heater and a composting toilet. The teams also learnt how to build and operate a RAM pump. Read more about this adventure here.


The installation of three stand pipes doubled the water available to households.

In June 2013, each household received 2500 litre rainwater catchment tanks. The villagers also received practical training on maintaining the energy efficient lifestyle they have adopted with a view to continued sustainability. Training in permaculture was delivered.


Through a complete three-way partnership between the community, local government and ourselves, Project 90 x 2030 is helping to facilitate the rollout of the human settlements and development plan to build RDP houses and a road.



Posted: 6/9/2011 (10:09:13 AM)

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